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The WDS membership fee is $100. The annual membership fee entitles you to receive invitations to 8 to 10 events a year. Each event will be priced separately according to the needs of the embassy and the opportunity to the members. Some events will be "members only" and others will be open to guests. The events have a limited capacity and often fill quickly. Prompt response is encouraged. Before each event, those with reservations will receive a "Briefing Paper" introducing that particular Ambassador and spouse, a brief insight into their country, information about the architecture and history of their embassy/residence, parking possibilities and other specific instructions about the event. Membership is limited to 150 women.

To inquire about membership, please email womensdiplomaticseries@gmail.com

What a delight it is to participate in the Womens Diplomatic Series! Having enjoyed a career in protocol and international diplomacy, I look forward to our monthly gatherings as an opportunity to meet or reconnect with members of the diplomatic corps and to be welcomed into their respective cultures. With each event I am reminded of how truly small the world is and that what we share in common is so much more important than the differences we have. I am grateful to the WDS leadership and our hosting embassy families for developing and sharing such an exceptional program.

Leslie Lautenslager
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