WDS Featured Programs

Working in partnership with Ambassadors, Deputy Chiefs of Mission and other key embassy staff, we aim to make our programs educational, informative and enjoyable.   Today, we feature two distinct programs:  the Global Citizen Cultural Series and the Women in Diplomacy Series

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Global Citizen Cultural Series

Graciously hosted by Ambassadors, Deputy Chiefs of Mission and other key diplomatic staff, this is an exciting opportunity for WDS members to listen and learn more about the diverse range of countries represented here in Washington, DC.  As honored invited guests, WDS members enjoy taking a deep dive into every aspect of a country: the history, peoples, bi-lateral relationship with U.S., art, wildlife and also business, tourism and educational opportunities.  Programs usually end with a moderated Q&A session, followed by refreshments and less formal conversation.

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Women in Diplomacy Series

Washington, DC is regarded by most as the very pinnacle of a diplomatic posting abroad and, at this time, we have the highest number of female Ambassadors, Deputy Heads of Mission, and other key minsters in D.C.’s diplomatic history.  Many community members are unaware of the professional roles these highly regarded women play and the work that they do in representing their respective countries.  In order to encourage more women to seek a life in foreign service and diplomacy, WDS shines a light on the female diplomats working in our nation’s capital and learns about their individual career paths, their goals, their missions and their objectives.  By becoming better informed, WDS members are able to speak with authority to their daughters, nieces, female colleagues etc. about the possibility of their considering a life of diplomacy, while at the same time, learning about life for women in other countries.